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 Commercial Roofer San Jose

 professional commercial solutions for your business’s roof. most business owners able to give their roof attention until a problem occurs. we know that your roof is kind of out of sight out of mind but this can lead to costly or even catastrophic damages. we here at San Jose flat Roofing suggest that you as a business owner set it up with us to do regular roofing inspections. this will ensure the protection of not only your building but the protection of your most valuable assets, your customers.

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 Although repairs can often save you from the costly expense of replacing your roof but when repairs just don’t cut it anymore, make sure you reach out to a professional well-trained team, like San Jose flat Roofing, that can handle working with multiple types of roofing styles.

 Why choose San Jose flat Roofing to do your commercial roof?

  •  our team members are professional and courteous
  •  we are attentive to customers needs and deliver the best value
  •  continued education for our professional staff
  •  the latest updated equipment
  •  ready and equipped for jobs small to large

Flat Roof Restoration San Jose

 The cost of a flat roof replacement can be astronomical. That’s why San Jose flat Roofing offers roof coatings. We have the latest innovations in types of coating materials. Rather than the costly replacement of your roof, a flat roof restoration can, not only save you money, but also time that your business is under construction. here are some reasons to consider flat roof coatings: overcomes flaws of flat Roofing, seamless, waterproof, fully adhered, Class A fire resistant, class for impact resistant, can drastically increase the lifespan of the roof, prevents leaks, reduces condensation within the roof structure, reduced UV aging damage, no Fasteners or adhesives, expands and contracts with changing temperatures, energy STAR certified, reflects up to 85% of UV rays, up to 30% HVAC cost savings per year, non prorated warranty available for up to 18 years

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Flat Roof Inspection & Certification San Jose

 Flat roofs have been used for centuries in commercial buildings and they work phenomenally for handling all weather conditions. Some common pitfalls with a flat roof are small variations in the surface that can cause standing water to accumulate. This standing water can accumulate and cause the roof surface to start to leak. Once a roof starts to leak even just a little bit damage will quickly escalate to catastrophic levels. this is often because leaks go undetected for too long. it is recommended to get your roof inspected every 3 to 5 years or if severe weather has occurred. our team at San Jose flat Roofing has the experience, training, and certifications to get your flat roof needs met.

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Leaky Roof Detection in San Jose

  A typical commercial flat roof can be difficult in nature to detect leakage. The many layers that a commercial flat roof is made up of can make leaks travel vertically and come out in random places. This makes leak detection an often difficult task. our team of experts at San Jose flat Roofing have the specialized training, knowledge, and certifications, and it become flat roof leak detection specialists.

 the following is a list of problems that can arise with even the tiniest of leaks: insulation damage, water saturated insulation, high energy costs, building structure damage, water stains, wood rot, rust/ corrosion, toxic mold, insects, termites, cockroaches, ants, rodents, water damage, and much much more

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Flat Roof Repair in San Jose

 commercial flat roofs in particular are a highly specialized roof Style. even the placement of drains on that roof require engineers to foresee drainage needs. if you’re seeking to have your flat roof repaired it’s imperative that you seek highly trained professionals like ours at San Jose flat Roofing.

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Flat Roof Replacement San Jose 

 With the advancements in technology nowadays, the high cost of commercial flat roof replacement can be offset by the gains in Energy Efficiency. Commercial flat roofs are now lighter, thinner, more reflective, more efficient, more insulated, and stronger than previous roof Innovations.

 we love having been a part of the following flat roof replacement jobs: Hospital Flat Roof Replacement, School Flat Roof Replacement, University Flat Roof Replacement, Restaurant Flat Roof Replacement, Retail Flat Roof Replacement, Non Profit Flat Roof Replacement, Houses of Worship Flat Roof Replacement, Airport Flat Roof Replacement, Hotel Flat Roof Replacement, Sporting Complex Flat Roof Replacement, many Business Venues

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