Flat Roof Repair San Jose

Flat Roof Repair in San Jose

San Jose Flat Roofing is a leader in San Jose California, for Flat roof repair. If you’re looking for a new flat roof or if you need Flat Roof Repair or flat roof replacement, please give us a call.

Our certified team can handle large commercial or industrial roofing projects as well as mixed-use and two-family and four-family flat roofing. If your business or investment property needs Flat Roof Repair in San Jose, we can provide a free, no-obligation, inspection and project estimate.

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When to Repair or Replace?

By nature, flat roofs come attached with some kind of structural support issue. Unlike roofs that are sloped, these surfaces can collect rainwater, leaves, and snow during the winter. Runoff and water drainage issues can occur, so it’s important for customers to pay close attention to their roof.

It’s wise to perform a self-inspection of your flat roof annually, if not more often. Pay attention to signs of rotting wood or structural worsening.

Flat roofs represent a highly specialized area of roof contracting. For instance, some older flat roofs incorporate drainage holes into the roof; these areas must remain unblocked to permit water runoff and prevent the buildup of weight from melting snow on the surface. Your roof inspector needs the skills required to correctly identify these drainage features. It remains one reason you should not seek repair services from roofers unfamiliar with the special demands of flat and very gently sloping roofs.

If you encounter abnormally heavy water drainage issues from your roof, leaks, dampness or other indications of possible roof problems, contact a qualified flat roof repair contractor quickly for assistance! In rare instances, a flat roof experiencing structural problems may give way, resulting in property damage and potential injuries to building occupants.

Call the Experts

We are ready and qualified to inspect and repair any age and any type of flat roof in the San Jose area. Call our office or use the online form to schedule a time for a licensed and certified inspector to visit. We can help determine if a simple repair is necessary – as well as offer money-saving approaches for you to use during self-inspections.

We service and repair major industries that offer a lot of square footage up top. We know our way around a flat roof and know what to look for. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to be of assistance.