San Jose Flat Roofing FAQs


What constitutes a flat roof?

Most flat roofs have a pitch of 10° or less. However, a flat roof will always have at least a slight pitch for water drainage.

What are the problems with flat roofs?

One of the biggest problems with flat roofs is the drainage. The lack of pitch causes a tendency for water to stand in places and cause problems.

Here are some other flat roof problems to keep in mind: A build up a vegetation, watermarks on the roofs surface, large pools of water on your flat roofs surface, a buildup on the surface, not steep enough angle on your flat roof, punctures from foreign objects, blistering in the roofing material, corroded or missing fasteners, or sunken spots


How often do flat roofs need replacing?

Commercial flat roofs usually last 10 to 15 years


Is flat roof high maintenance?

No. Not only are flat roofs easy to maintain and straightforward to repair but they are very durable. With the proper maintenance and repairs flat roofs were designed to last a long time.


How can you tell where a roof leak is coming from?

 visually checking along the roof line in the Attic can help, but where a leak is originating from is often so different from where it is becoming evident inside the building.

What is a roof certification in California?

 A roof certification is a written statement by a licensed roofing contractor who has performed a thorough roof inspection and insured any necessary repairs. Once any repairs found in the inspection have been completed your roof will earn a certification.

Why are roofs inspected?

Having your roof inspected regularly is important for your business because it can help detect problems on time and stop further damage to your business. flat roof inspectors are able to find faults in your flat roof layout and suggest repairs before moisture can cause damage to your roof structure.

What does roof restoration include?

 The roof restoration is a complete process that covers a number of things including: roof condition assessment, repair cleaning, priming and double coating especially formulated roof membrane, and providing a new have coat finish.


What’s the best flat roof repair material?

 The four best roof repair materials are: EPDM( Ethel propylene just went upstairs diele Terpolymer), TPO membrane Roofing, PVC membrane Roofing, and standing seam metal roofing.
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Does a flat roof need ventilation?

 Ventilation is almost always needed except for houses that already have warm flat roofs. Flat roof ventilation comes in many shapes and forms but its need comes from the need for air circulation. this air circulation is for moisture control


Are flat roofs cheaper to build?

 A flat roof option is the cheaper option because of the Need For Less Lumber. A flat roof is structurally simpler and the needed materials are less expensive and less material is needed. A flat roof can also be installed on a faster timeline which is highly appealing to most business owners.